Spirals, Stones and Special Places:


The labyrinth in the Chartres Cathedral, France. This is the last remaining 'all original' labyrinth of the great gothic cathedrals. It is hidden under chairs most of the week, but on Fridays, they pull the chairs aside and allow people to walk the well worn path leading to centre. 

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Ringing Rocks, near Butte, MT. You can tap the rocks with hammers and they ring just like bells. Each stone has its own unique tone. 


The Birthing Rock, near Moab Utah. 

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A stone in front of a Anasazi cliff dwelling cave in S. Utah. The pockets were worn down by grinding pigments for pottery decoration.

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Three Sisters energy vortex in the side of the mountian, near Canmore, AB


Majorville Medicine Wheel, AB  4,500 years old - about the same age as Stonehenge.


Big Rock -  a glacial erratic near Okotoks, AB. There is a story about Napi in local First Nations Legends about how the rock got cracked by a bat.


Hand stencil in S. Utah below a cliff dwelling. Hand stencils found throughout the world are made using natural pigments - most were made by women. Click on this link to see the National Geograpgic Cave paintings article


'Indian Paint Pots' in the Rocky Mountains. The dried ochre heated in a fire to change the colour from a mustard yellow to a deep rich red. The colours were used for decorative and ceremonial purposes. 


A little black bear left his paw prints in the mud just below the ochre pool at the paint pots.


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A small Fairy Ring in northern Scotland in a field so quiet and green.


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The massive Calanais Standing Stones on the Island of Lewis, Scotland.


The octagonal labyrinth in the Amiens Cathedral, France was carefully restored with matching marble after it was worn thin over the years of use.



Amiens Cathedral, looking up to the amazing geometry in stone.


Black Swastika design, a sacred symbol used world wide, lies hiden in the overall pattern under the chairs beside the labyrinth.


Writing on Stone -  a small provincial park on the Milk River in Southeren Alberta. The hoodoo formations have pictographs carved on them. It feels very other worldy when you hike through the maze of towers and spires.


A local Glacial Erratic, dropped off when the glaciers of the last ice age began to melt. There are petroglyphs on the left side made with red ochre.


The gothic geometry of the Rose Window in the Notre Dame in Paris.  Wealthy women would donate their gemstone jewelry to be crushed for making the vibrant gem like colours.  


Natural ochre pigments add colour to this Egyptian bas-relief and Italian fresco -  the Louvre Museum, Paris

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A stone labyrinth in San Francisco, CA on a bluff overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. 

Sacred Music to Inspire the Heart and Soul -  

Benedictine Monks Of Santo Domingo: Las Mejores Obras Del Canto Gregoriano 

Chanticleer: Magnificat

Mathew White:  Maria - Madre di Dio, Italian Oratorios, Scarlatti : Disperato Amore

Dewa Che: Universal Healing Power Of Tibetan Mantras

Christopher Page: Gothic Voices - A Feather On The Breath Of God

Jeremy Summerly: Oxford Camerata - Hildegard ~ Heavenly Revelations 

Sequentia - Hildegard: Canticles Of Ecstasy & Voice of Blood, Shining Light- Aquitanian Monasteries

Suzie Leblanc & Daniel Taylor: Les Voix Humaines -Primavera!    

Sacred Treasures: Choral Masterworks from Russia and Beyond

Hariprasad Chaurasia, Brij Bhushan Kabra & Shivkumar Sharma: Call Of The Valley - a timeless classic 

Lama Nyima - Melodious Chant for The Land of Bliss

Djivan Gasparyan:  Moon Shines At Night

Cistercian Monks Of Stift Heiligenkreuz:  Chant - Music For Paradise

Krishna Das - Kirtan Style Chanting 

Ingrid Kertesi et al: J.S. Bach Cantatas BWV 51 & 208

Thomas Ashley Farrand :  Sanskrit Mantras 

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan:  Shahbaaz and many others 

Raphael Wallfisch; Nicholas Kraemer: City Of London Sinfonia : Vivaldi: Cello Concertos, Vol. 1&2 

The Northern Cree Singers -  Native American Singers

Tallis Scholars - all their work is magnificent

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